Why I adopted Scrum and how my baby has matured into young adulthood

Best 230 October 27, 2015 1:20 pm - 2:20 pm

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Jason Delker

From a technologist’s point of view, the CTO and CDO of Pinsight Media + discusses why he initially adopted Scrum as the preferred development methodology for his mobile dev team. He talks about how he has now implemented it across multiple projects/teams (each with unique requirements), the learnings he has amassed over the past 5 years of experience with Scrum and some tips on how to make Scrum work for your organization/project. In a humorous yet insightful way, he does this while comparing a team’s adoption of this development methodology to a child’s development from birth to adulthood while providing some first hand insight into tools, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid. If you are a technologist or software development manager looking to supercharge your productivity and work efficiency but have not yet taken the leap, this may be quite timely and helpful.

Please find a copy of Delk’s presentation here Pinsight Lean Agile KC 10-27-15