Why Size Doesn’t Matter

Main Room October 27, 2015 8:30 am - 9:30 am

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Dan Vacanti

(Well, actually it does—but it’s not the size you think it is and it’s not for the reasons you think.)  Think about your current approach to estimation.  Chances are it focuses on some notion of “size”.  Your definition of size may range anywhere from the irrelevant and inappropriate (like Level of Effort) to the truly arbitrary and dubious (like Story Point).  How have those estimation techniques worked for you?  This talk will explore these misguided approaches and explain why they fail.  It will then investigate the truly necessary factors required to make accurate forecasts.   That you have struggled with predictability is not your fault.  You’ve been taught to look at all the wrong things.  This talk will attempt to fix some of that.

Dan’s material can be found here Why Size Doesn’t Matter – LeanAgileKC 2015