Going “Gung Ho” for Lean Software Development

Best 120 October 27, 2015 10:10 am - 11:10 am

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John Sextro
Jason Tice

Join John & Jason for a highly interactive and 1980s themed presentation to demonstrate the application of principles from lean manufacturing to software development.   Using clips from the 1986 film “Gung Ho”, where a Japanese auto manufacturer opens a factory in the US, John and Jason will highlight key lean principles including but not limited to: learning on the job, zero defects, the danger of estimates, passing the buck, building quality into the process, team over individual, and the importance of leadership at all levels of the organization.  

In this session, John and Jason will show brief clips from the movie, summarize the lean principle demonstrated in each clip and then share the clip’s linkage and importance to lean & agile software development.  There will be opportunities for brief discussion and questions as clips are shared.  The film depicts that the shift to adopt lean practices (be it in auto manufacturing or software development) is challenging, but success is achievable through learning and commitment to improvement – join us to see how.