Agile at Scale: What the Frameworks Leave Out …

Best 235 October 27, 2015 11:20 am - 12:20 pm

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Martin Olson

Over the last four years Silicon Prairie Solutions has been involved in a number of enterprise wide initiatives to bring more Agile|Lean practices to various organizations. During the same time there has been a significant amount of maturity in the collective body of knowledge around what processes and ceremonies can be used to help organizations scale Agile | Lean from a few teams to the enterprise. This maturation has resulted in a growing number of frameworks to choose from; SoS, SAFe, DAD, and LeSS to name a few. (Visit for a more complete list and review).

All of these approaches have been developed by smart, capable thought leaders and have been used in real world organizations with demonstrable success (and failures). A common theme that is missing from these frameworks is ‘What about the people?’ Every organization has a different ways of communicating, power hierarchies, vocabulary; in short different cultures. How can a single framework fit all the variations of organizations in the market place?

They short answer is that they have to be tweaked. The longer answer is that they have to be tweaked so that they fit the people that will be doing the work. In this session we’ll explore what this might mean and how one might go about gaining a better understanding of your organization’s people and cultures.   We’ll then talk about how these insights might help make the gargantuan effort of scaling Agile | Lean to the enterprise a manageable, doable process.

You can find Martin’s material here Silicon Prairie Solutions – Agile Lean KC