The UX Value Race

Best 120 October 27, 2015 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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Jon Kors

We’re all in a constant race to innovate, but what value are we really creating for whom?  While we often hear of million dollar ideas born from the back of bar napkins, innovation rarely comes from drunken serendipity, but rather from a sober, scientific and structured method. This session explores the fusion of design and venture thinking in large corporate environments and the role we all play while running on the innovation track.  This interactive session will take the audience through the value sprint framework, an experimental process that combines Diana Kander’s All in Startup book, the Scaled Agile Framework, Lean Startup Model, Google Design Sprint and work from the Stanford D School. In the spirit of lean agile, we’ll share what we’ve learned, get your feedback and collaborate on ways to improve how we design value together.

You can find Jon’s material here