Evolving Teams through Cadenced Flow

Best 120 October 27, 2015 1:20 pm - 2:20 pm

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Matt Barcomb
Cat Swetel

You can find the material here Cadenced Flow- Adapting Delivery Teams

So you’re on a team that “went agile” (whatever that means) and you’ve been using Scrum or Kanban or some other method for a while. But for some reason you’re either not seeing things get better, can’t get traction or the improvements have slowed down or stopped. And it seems every time a new change is suggested, there is an over focus on process and the people are forgotten as well as actually delivering something useful and maintainable. If this sounds like your situation, it may be due to the approach, not the method.

Here, Cat & Matt introduce Cadenced Flow, which is a principled approach for evolving teams no matter what methods they are using or how far along they are on their journey of becoming more lean or agile. Participants will learn the basic principles that drive team cadence and workflow and then cover practical approaches for improvement, such as how to define and measure work as well as how to coordinate and deliver product.

Target Audience
People who should attend this workshop are typically individual contributors or managers of product and program delivery teams. However this session is suitable for anyone interested in seeing teams work better together within and across teams.

Leanring Outcomes
– Principles of team cadence and defining a team’s needs
– Principles or workflow and patterns for improving workflow
– Employing principles during work definition and decomposition
– Applying principles to parallel & trailing work activity
– How to create practical, balanced measurements
– Structuring improvements using experiment design