Building Street Cred: LEANing the PMO

Best 225 October 27, 2015 10:10 am - 11:10 am

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Leslie Maness

How does the PMO best enable the organization to become more lean and agile? Simple, do it themselves.  Learn-Apply-Reflect is the Lean matra at Hallmark and the PSO has embraced it wholeheartedly as we bravely move into a “bimodal” world.  Ok…maybe not so bravely…we didn’t get the WIFFM.  Instead, I got the question…”We’re not software developers, so why should we do Kanban?”  Great question!  Turns out, we are knowledge workers and like so many other knowledge workers, our work is hidden.  In the session, you will learn how we used Lean and Agile practices to make our work more visible AND in doing so, are learning to lead and enable lean-agile practices within project development.

You can find Leslee’s presentation here Lean Agile Conference 2015 – Leaning the PMO